The Breaking

3) Searching for Sebastian

Part 1

Kelric has returned to Ashwick, and his parents go off to speak to the Mayor and the rest of the town council while Kelric catches up with the rest of the party. The town council decides it is best not to search for Kelric’s uncle Sebastian, as goblins tend not to take prisoners and they’re far enough away that it wouldn’t be worth the risk – it would be better to just move the hunting grounds farther to the southwest to not interfere with the goblins. Our adventures decide that Sebastian may still be alive, as Kelric saw a corpse that could have been a prisoner of the goblins, and even If not that the goblins should be killed before they find any more. Early the next morning they lie about being assigned to collect supplies, and start heading out, but are soon stopped by the sound of yelling and see Sam (Kelric’s 13-year-old cousin, and Sebastian’s son) sprinting past the guards yelling that he’s suppose to come with them. After a quick debate, they decide not to take Sam, and he’s escorted back to town by the guards.

They easily find and follow the goblins trail, and stop at the corpse for another quick examination before continuing on. They get to the clearing, which was recleared of rocks (with some rocks being bigger than goblins should be able to push), and spend a lot of time debating about whether or not to try the tunnel again. Luka gets bored and just walks up the tunnel without problems and complains that everyone is being so slow and Sebastian needs rescuing! At the top of the tunnel they see a path, and decide to take the direction back towards the river. They reach the cliff overlooking the corpse, and manage to surprise two inattentive goblin scouts, and knock one unconscious and take is as a prisoner. In a small clearing are three stakes, with chains and manacles with the area covered in a slight red shimmer, and decide the prisoner must have been kept up here for some unknown reason – yet find no trace of Sebastian. They continue along the path with Kelric, the best hunter and tracker, in the lead. He doesn’t notice a snare trap, and barely manages to jump out of the way as it springs up. Not 10 minutes later, he doesn’t notice a put trap and begins to fall in it and yells so Luka makes an impressive reaction to throw the goblin prisoner at Kelric, which only results in them both of them falling into the pit.

They finally reach the mouth of a cave, and as they cross the river to get to the entrance are attacked by goblin archers from a nearby thicket. Luka takes a couple bad arrows, but they manage to kill the goblins without too much difficulty. they enter the cave and are met by three chained, snarling wolves, and decide to feed them the goblin corpses to get past and scale a 30 foot cliff. They surprise enemies that were in the room (a bugbear, his wolf, and three goblins), and begin to battle. Viktor goes to take care of the goblins while everyone else focuses on the menacing bugbear and its dire wolf companion. The bugbear yells and his mace becomes wreathed in fire, yet he misses the attack, nearly destroying the stalagmite next to Lacey’s head. Everyone is fighting for their lives, and the wolf manages to take down Lacey, and Luka finishes it off and rushes to help the unconscious Lacey. Viktor has finished off the goblins and goes to help with the bugbear, but the bugbear manages to finally land a single blow which knocks Viktor unconscious. The bugbear is badly injured at this point and decides to run out of the room, and Asha goes to follow him, and sees him sprinting off and yelling to some nearby goblins to finish off the intruders. Kelric manages to stabilize, and wake up Viktor as the goblins begin to close in.



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