The Breaking


The main gist of my world is that the party will be playing around 30 years after The Breaking. The millennia prior to The Breaking was the pinnacle of magical enlightenment. Nearly everything was done with magic – food was magically harvested (if not just conjured), buildings and whole cities levitate, magical lights, teleportation, etc. And then magic stopped working, which became known as “The Breaking.” Approximately 90% of the world’s sentient population died. Communication has been cut off. The world became filled with monsters and magical aberrations and most people were forced to live underground and towns are now nearly impossible to find. Magic’s consequences are considered to be too great, if not completely evil. If people are found practicing magic they’ll likely be executed or at least kicked out of town. Although Racism is at a high (they all blame other races), they’re somewhat willing to work together do to the difficulty in managing to survive.

Imagine that like 2 generations ago, everything was done with magic 100% of the time. Teleportation, food, construction, manual labor, etc. Then magic stopped working, and people had to have a huge learning curve again. On top of that, half the population died from magical disasters, and there are now vicious magical beasts populating the world (when most creatures were eradicated). It’s basically an apocalypse scenario

It’s like a post apocalypse setting. (I’ll just write this up as a log as well) – 90% of the population died off between the actual breaking of magic, and the difficulties produced afterwards. Of the people left, they tend to live underground, or in caves or something as the world is very dangerous. Finding another set of travelers will be basically impossible, and there is no longer a map with all the cities/they are much harder to find. So you will be vising the same cities over and over most likely.



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