The Gods

Major Gods

Death (N/E) Requires a 4th failed death roll to die is the only god that may be older than The Mother. He is often depicted as an old man, that may actually have a smile on his face.

The Arbiter (N/N) Proficient with Insight is neither virtuous, nor malicious – It is a truthseeker.

The Tree (L/N) Proficient with Nature is the elven god and rules over Nature. She is known for her patience.

The Mother (N/G) Proficient with Medicine is one of the few remaining ancient gods. Although she is often portrayed as human, she belongs to no specific race. She represents life is known for her nurturing ways.

War (C/N) Proficiency with an additional weapon is the embodiment of destruction. He excels in battle, and cares for little else.

Minor Gods

Commander Aron (L/G) Proficient in Persuasion is seen as the protector of the people. He is one of the newest gods and as such is known by his mortal title.

Ronin (C/G) Advantage on any save against a single-target ability, targeted at you (once per day) is the lone warrior. He is well known for his strength in morality even if the rest of the world is against him.

The Sage (N/N) Proficient with any one knowledge skill (Arcana/History/Nature/Religion) cares only for knowledge, and tends not to care much about modern events, except to chronicle them. It is rumored that even the future is known to him, which is often what he is requested of.

The Survivor (C/E) Proficient in survival only cares for himself, and there is nothing he will not do for himself . Although not worshipped openly, he can be heard among the whispers of the night.

The Gods

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