The Breaking

1: The Rat Cave

The Rat Cave

The party finds themselves on their regular scheduled exploration of the caves beneath the town when they squeeze through an opening they haven’t seen before and enter a large cavern, larger than most natural caverns they’ve seen. While scouting the area, Viktor nimbly jumps away as part of the floor falls out from under him. Since it is only a 10 foot drop the party lowers themselves into this new cave, which has a slight odor hanging in the air. As they continue exploring they come across a couple rat carcasses and soon after a few mutant, slightly glowing rats. Lacey makes short work of them by using “Mage Hand” to smash rats together. However, one of the mutants was far bigger than the others and had some rather nasty looking front teeth, but it too fell to the combined might of the party. While adventuring through the rest of the cavern they find a couple dozen more mutant rats, both small and large, which manage to get a couple strong bites in on Luka and Viktor. Many of the carcasses are gathered (Luka wants to make a rat stew), and they rest for a short time before continuing. Around a couple more corners the party confronts two of the large rats and a huge “rat-king” that is over 5 feet in length and is actually emitting a noticeable green glow. All three are standing near a shallow pool of water that is also faintly glowing. Luka charges in with everyone following him and takes a good whack at one of the rats. However, the rat-king eyes Viktor and takes two vicious swipes with ferocious speed. Had Luka not been helping shield his brother Viktor, he would have surely fallen to the savage attack. In his damaged condition Viktor struggles backward while Luka executes a divine smite on the rat king, seriously wounding it, but exhausting himself in the process. Everyone dives in to finish the rat-king while Asha uses thunderwave to make short work of the rest of the rats. However, this creates a huge booming sound that echoes through the whole cave system. Standing in front of the glowing pool the party ponders the best course of action, but Luka decides to simply wade in fearlessly and acquires the source of the light that rests at the bottom of the pool. It is a small but brightly glowing emerald – one of the “magical batteries” created by wizards prior to The Breaking. We leave the party unsure of what to do next – Viktor is very injured, and Luka is only slightly better. So do they leave the cave from the nearby back exit and walk around the outside back to the towns entrance and explain to their parents why and how they left town or work their way back through the rat-infested tunnels hoping that all the rats are dead?



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